Reasons why your Spousal Open Work Permit Got Rejected

Foreign nationals who are working and residing in Canada can now easily live with their partners by applying them to come to Canada through Spousal Open Work Permit. However, submitting an application for this unique work permit can be challenging, and it’s common for candidates to be turned down for a number of reasons.

The urge to go to Canada at any cost by indulging in unlawful practices such as forging your marriage has alerted the Canadian government. This is why sometimes the Government may reject your visa thinking that you are a fraud.

If your SOWP also got rejected, then read this post as it may help you take the correct step the next time you apply.

But before that let’s understand a bit what exactly is Spousal Open Work Permit

Spousal Open Work Permit

The Spouse Open Work Permit (SOWP) is a unique kind of work permit that entitles its holder to employment with any Canadian employer. Usually, it is given to the spouses or common-law partners of temporary workers and foreign students studying in Canada. 

Also, individuals who have been sponsored for permanent residence by their spouse or common-law partner who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident are also eligible for this work permit.

Reasons why you did not get your Spousal Open Work Permit 

Here are a few possible reasons why the spouse’s open work permit visa was denied:

  • Failed to prove the authenticity of the relationship- Spouse Applicants for an Open Work Permit must demonstrate that they have a genuine relationship with their spouse who is working or studying in Canada. In some cases, a marriage certificate will be okay but you need to have the additional support of evidence such as photographs of you too or the proof of your children.
  • Insufficient funds- If you are coming to Canada on Spousal Open Work Permit then you must show to the Canadian Government that you have enough funds in your bank account to support yourself. This financial proof can be provided in the form of financial documents such as bank statements from the previous six months. Applicants who do not provide proof of funds or have insufficient funds in their bank accounts are likely to be rejected. 
  • Inadequate proof of employment- If your spouse or common-law partner works in Canada, you must provide proof of their employment. This proof can be provided with the following documents: employment documents and supporting documentation, including a detailed description of the duties performed in the skilled role.
  • Specialized immigration consultants- In the field travel industry, there are numerous agents. However, very few agents specialize in spouse visas. It is critical to contact the right agent who specializes in these cases. Otherwise, the chances of receiving a refusal are extremely high. The Settlerz are the leading spouse visa consultants in Ludhiana who have extensive knowledge about Spousal Open Work Permits.


At The Settlerz, we have diversified and thorough knowledge of Canada’s Open Work Permit. If you got a rejection then do not lose hope. It is not the end of the world if you receive a visa refusal letter. Hence, it is important to consult with an experienced lawyer in order to understand and then decide on your next steps.