Skilled Worker Immigration

Skilled Worker Immigration

Under the Express Entry Program, the federal government of Canada invites skilled workers to Canada, where there is a lack of proficient Canadian workers.   Under this system, the employers of Canada can assess, recruit and select immigrants from different countries who are skilled or have relevant qualifications. 

What is Skilled Worker Immigration?

Skilled workers are foreign nationals with experience in specific occupations who are granted Canadian permanent resident visas based on their ability to establish themselves economically in Canada. Skilled Worker applicants who are successful are granted Canadian permanent resident visas, allowing them to immigrate to Canada.

There are four different Express Entry programs. These programs are also known as economic immigration programs because they attract skilled workers who help to improve and develop Canada’s economy. 

The following are the programs:

  1. Federal Skilled Workers Program

  2. Federal Skilled Trades Program

  3. Canadian Experience Class

  4. Provincial Nominee Program

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