Rejections & Citizenships

Getting a refused application back can be hurtful. After all, who wants a rejected application? But because getting a visa can be difficult for some people, denials are not uncommon. 

Nonetheless, there are options for dealing with a refusal or rejection of a citizenship application. As part of its services, The Settlerz will assist you in re-applying for a visa that has been denied.

From finding the exact cause behind the refusal of your visa to re-applying it again, The Settlerz will do everything for you.

Top reasons behind for Canadian Visa Refusal

IRCC lists the following situations that may preclude you from becoming a Canadian citizen, as prohibited by the Citizenship Act:

  • You’re on probation, parole, or serving a sentence in a country other than Canada.
  • You’ve been charged with, are on trial for, or are appealing an offense
  • You have done a crime that is prohibited under the Canadian Citizenship Act.
  • You failed to provide sufficient and accurate supporting documentation.
  • You failed to demonstrate adequate financial resources to fund your trip to and stay in Canada.
  • You were unable to convince the authorities that you would leave the country after completing your studies.

There may be other reasons for refusal, but many of them are restricted by the ones listed above. But don’t worry, you can reapply for a visa if it has been denied by visa authorities.

If your visa was denied, chances are you did not hire an immigration lawyer.

Thus, The Settlerz can help you obtain citizenship in a foreign country.

Book a consultation with us and, we will make sure your visa is processed in a right and timely manner!