Post Landing Services

When you arrive in a foreign country, things can become extremely difficult for you especially when you have no friends or acquaintances residing over there. In such difficult times, The Settlerz ensures that you do not feel alone. 

We offer a variety of initial settlement services to our clients in order to provide them with peace of mind when entering a foreign country for the first time.

Here you will learn more about how our post-landing services might help you.

List of the post-landing services provided by The Settlerz:

  1. We assist you during your landing and provide you with additional knowledge required by you at the airport.
  2. We give you airport pick-up facilities.
  3. We assist with the documentation you’ll need to present at the airport.
  4. We advise you on how to get a cab to move to your hotel from the airport.
  5.  We share information on the driver’s license application procedure and assist you in obtaining your license.
  6. We also inform you on how to utilize Google Maps to get from one point to another via rail or bus.
  7. We assist you with how to open a bank account so that you do not have to undergo a hefty process.
  8. We also provide comprehensive job search assistance to our clients, including the creation of a Canadian-style resume and cover letter.
  9. We can also assist you in obtaining a work license so that you can work easily in Canada.
  10. We also guide you on how to transfer funds to your home country.

Thus, you can easily rely upon us. We will never make you feel alone in a new country. In the case of an emergency, you can reach out to our consultant and, we will personally assist you from scratch to the end.