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Business Immigration Canada

Canada Business Visa, as the name implies, allows people to go to Canada for business purposes. Those businessmen who want to do business with a Canadian company can get a business visa and go to Canada for the following purposes:

  • Attend meetings
  • Participate in business conferences or workshops
  • Sign agreements

What is a Canada Business Visa?

A Canadian Business Visa is a type of visa that allows a person to start a company in Canada. However, obtaining a Canadian visa may appear difficult, but by following the steps outlined here, you can obtain a business visa for Canada without much effort. 

Initially, this visa allowed the persons for up to six months. However, the growing number of visitors and investors to Canada has resulted in the validity of Canadian business visas being extended for up to three, five, or ten years. 

Canada Business Visa offers a diverse range of business immigration programs to high-net-worth entrepreneurs, investors, self-employed professionals, and individuals with limited capital. Each category has its own set of requirements, visa process, and a list of documentation that must be completed meticulously.

This is why it is important to hire an experienced Canada Business Visa consultant that will assist you during your visa process. The Settlerz Immigrants will provide you with comprehensive solutions regarding your business visa to Canada and will help you to get a steady approval of the same.

Eligibility Criteria for Canadian Business Visa

There are several parameters that a potential candidate must follow to qualify for a Business Visa. These are as follows:

  • You must own a business in your own country other than Canada or you must be an employee of a company other than Canada.
  • You must have an income from a job in a country other than Canada.
  • You must provide evidence that you are developing a business relationship with a Canadian company or that you have been invited to a meeting, conference, or workshop.
  • You must have a minimum net worth and investment capital as per business categories.
  • You should demonstrate a well-written business plan that includes your entire business proposal’s blueprint.
  • You must meet the minimal language competency requirement of CLB 5 (IELTS – Reading 4.0, Writing 5.0, Listening 5.0, and Speaking 5.0).
  • You must have sufficient funds to support your stay in Canada.

Documents required for Canada Business Visa

To apply for a Canada Business Visa, you must have the following documents:

  • Visa application
  • Passport & travel history
  • Documents of your company
  • Documents pertaining that you are going only for business purposes
  • Net worth assessment
  • Medical insurance
  • Two photographs as per Canada requirements

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